Oliv Pit – Boca Raton

I have always always loved Greek food, but I didn’t realize that I could actually taste the difference between Greek food, and AUTHENTICALLY AMAZING Greek food, until I paid a visit to the Oliv Pit in Boca.  Right when you step into this beautiful, rustic, and charming restaurant, you are immediately greeted by the friendly and attentive wait staff, and the aroma of fresh food and spices fills the air.

Oliv Pit is great to go for lunch with a friend, or to spend a comfortable yet refined date night.  The food is traditional Athens fare with a modern twist, and what I loved so much about it is that it all tasted light and non-oily.  The menu items are affordable, and there is something here for everyone, whether you love meat or are a vegetarian.  Check out some of the yummy items I tried…

This. Dip. Trio. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  First of all, the pita is perfectly soft and crunchy- now that’s hard to achieve in and of itself.  But, the tzatziki, eggplant, and spicy feta spread was out of this world! Far left is the spicy feta spread, and that’s what everyone was talking about when we left! SO GOOD.

What you see above this is basically the best fried food that is NOT found at a county fair- zucchini croquettes.  It’s like biting down on a crunchy, fluffy, vegetable…absolutely delicious!

Whenever I get a Greek salad served to me like this, I always know it’s authentic- am I right?

One of my favorite things about this place, is that it’s easy to get your own individual meals, but it’s always very fun and easy to eat family style here.  This is their seafood platter, all warmed, that comes with calamari, salmon, prawns, and octopus.

Similarly to the seafood platter, they also serve an OUT OF THIS WORLD meat platter.  The way Greeks make their lamb is my soft spot (hello gyros…which they have here by the way), and the shaved lamb was my favorite, although they do have some pretty amazing beefteki (kind of like meatballs but better) and a variety of skewers.  Another family style dish that serves 4 people! So fun to share!

Their feta fries were crunchy, the feta was fresh, and they are topped with delicious and fresh herbs!

My favorite dessert was their walnut cake.  I could eat this every single day!

You MUST go try the Oliv Pit in Boca- if you do not live in the Boca Raton area, this restaurant, I am telling you, is worth the drive.  If you are Greek, it’ll make you nostalgic and proud 🙂