Henry’s – Delray Beach

Chase and I love trying new restaurants, and we recently visited a new one for us, but a staple in Delray Beach, to try out their new menu!  Henry’s in Delray Beach has such a ginormous variety of foods, all of which I would consider traditional American comfort foods.  They have fresh and locally sourced meats, seafood, and really amazing in-season vegetables.  They serve Happy Hour from 11:30AM-2:30PM, as well as 4:30-6:00PM.

Before I tell you about the delicious food, I have to first tell you how absolutely flawless their service is.  I wouldn’t consider myself high maintenance to any degree (maybe Chase would beg to differ), but I do value good service (I attribute that to the Midwest in me!).  Both Chase and I noticed that from the second we opened the door, to the goodbye on our way out, the hostesses, bartenders, waitresses, basically everyone, were all polite, chipper, knowledgeable, and most importantly, attentive.  That is a 10/10 from me :).

Also, when you do go see this for yourself, make sure to mention Beaches and Baubles, and receive a complimentary appetizer (max $14 value) or two glasses of wine with the purchase of two entrees (as long as it’s not used with another coupon or on a holiday)! 

We were able to sample a couple of delicious appetizers, main dishes, and a fabulous dessert!

  The Prince Edward Island Mussels were to die for- they were cooked to perfection, and had jalapeno, thai basil, and edamame in them…this was definitely one of Chase’s favorite mussel appetizer he’s had!

The Wasabi Crusted Yellow Tuna was my favorite appetizer- the tuna was soft and delicious, and the wasabi crust was crunchy and added such a fun taste to the dish!

What I loved about their entrees is that they are so large, they’re big enough to take home and eat the next day for lunch.  I got the Pan Roasted Branzino, and it’s the best fish entree I have had in years.  It was cooked under a lemon caper vinaigrette, and came with plenty of perfectly cooked and tasty vegetables!

Chase had this amazing Chicken Coq au Vin, and both of us have never had tastier bone-in-half chicken!  It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and had the most delicious seasoning- I wish I could cook my chicken this good at home!

This, my friends, is their Frozen Turtle Cake- which, basically tastes like you are eating a piece of heaven 🙂  We wanted to take the entire cake home, but unfortunately, we finished this in under three minutes!

We loved our dinner here, it was comfortable, welcoming, delicious, and I felt like staying here for hours just taking in the food and ambiance.  Make sure you go check out their new menu if you have already been, and if you haven’t, make yourself over to Henry’s in Delray Beach and try it for yourself!

The Office – Delray Beach

If you’re looking for a gastropub with unique and trendy food and a massive beer and wine selection, look no further than The Office in Delray Beach.  The menu at The Office is so massive, but every item included is extremely unique.  I had the opportunity to sample items such as their Colossal Pretzel (see below…it is bigger than my head!), the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, delicious Asian Tuna Tostadas, and more.  This place is absolutely perfect for a family gathering, date night, happy hour (3-7pm, does not get better than that!), or any celebration.

The appetizer selection is massive and so unique!  We ordered a couple of amazing things to share:

The Colossal Pretzel was…well, colossal!  The thing was the size of my face, and absolutely delicious.  It came with two dipping sauces, so you really cannot go wrong: bacon honey butter, and cheese sauce.  Yes, cheese sauce.

Chase and I love tostadas and fish, so naturally we ordered the Asian Tostadas, that have the most amazingly delicious hot and sweet salmon topped with purple cabbage and sriracha aoli- we are both huge fans of spicy + sriracha, so this was a favorite.

You can upgrade any side with “skillet fries”, which were, just that.  They come in their adorable little skillet, along with everything that you’d want topped on nachos, but baked to perfection!  I cannot go back to eating normal fries…they were that good!

The Office is well known for their delectable burgers, so Chase and I decided to try something a little newer on the menu, which was the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich- you guys, you HAVE to get this when you go.  This does NOT disappoint- Imagine the best buffalo chicken wings, minus the bones, with fresh chicken, the perfect sauce, the best slaw, oh, and a bun- a BRIOCHE bun.  Enough said.

Don’t think that we didn’t enjoy a couple of adult beverages while we were there as well on top of this amazing food-

Chase is a beer connoisseur, and he happily approved of their beer selection 🙂

If you’ve been to The Office, it’s time to swing back in to try their new menu options for brunch, lunch, dinner, or happy hour, and if you haven’t been, make sure you make reservations and head there for your next meal out!