Cryotherapy- Game Changer!

Hey guys!

I’ve been getting lots of questions on why I do Cryotherapy, which is that crazy time capsule looking thing you may see me step into on my Instagram stories or Snapchat.  Cryotherapy is a 3 minute process in which you go into this big intimidating looking machine and it surrounds your bodies with -170 degree temperatures.  What this does, is it speeds up your cells to regenerate and recover, and takes away any inflammation in your body!  I do this because I have an autoimmune disease as well as lower back issues, and I have noticed a HUGE difference in how I feel the last 6 months I’ve been doing this. I have more energy, I am in less pain with my back, and I am overall feeling better!  The 3 minutes doesn’t sound like a long time, but when you’re naked (YES NAKED! hehehe) in sub zero temperatures, it sometimes feels like a long time.  The first few times I did it, I was so nervous and would dread it, but after a while, I got used to it and realized it’s all a matter of distracting yourself and putting mind over matter!  Some people use it for arthitis, weight loss (you burn 500-800 calories per session, for real!), antiaging, amongst other things.  If you have any questions about it, please let me know! It’s not as intimidating as it looks 🙂



June, aka My Birthday Month!

Yes, I am that girl….the ever so basic girl that likes multiple birthday celebrations for every year.  It doesn’t matter that I am turning an ‘insignificant age’ almost every year except every 5-10 years, what matters, is that I get a whole day that I get to drag out to a whole week, or ok, maybe a whole month (if I’m allowed) of celebrating!  I love June because it kicks off the summer, the sun is always out (at least here in Florida), I love the number 6, and oh, it contains the date in which I was born.  So, enough of that (or not?), and let’s get talking about this gorgeous dress! I tried out ShopBop and they have the cutest finds from all designers.  You can find full price items and also snag amazing deals.  I found this BB Dakota Dress, linked here: AMAZING DRESS 🙂 and what’s great about it is that it’s under $100!  Shoes are here as well!