Teddy’s First Birthday!

You guys. My dog (and my husband) is my life.  I work from home, and am an extreeeemely social girl, and my first year in this job was pretty tough on me (socially).  I couldn’t wait for my husband to get home and go to happy hour with me or go to the gym with me the entire first year of working from home, so after year one, we decided to get a dog.  And, boy, was that the best decision of our lives together!  We got Teddy from Smeraglia, a breeder out of Alabama that sells Goldendoodles.  I at first had looked into the rescue route, but my husband wanted a large dog, and I need a hypoallergenic one.  Teddy was our pick of the litter, and boy, was he CUTE!  I remember the day before we got him…I laid in bed questioning if this was the right decision…”we have only been married for 4 months…is this the right choice? Our lives will never be the same….are we only giving in to getting a dog because we’re in the honeymoon stage?  What about the money?  What about vacations? Do we have to kiss our lives goodbye?”  DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA (as said in the voice from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)—I had to get over myself!  Teddy was meant for us, and we were pulling through with it.  He arrived in the Delta terminal of Fort Lauderdale Airport, and he was as calm and as sweet as could be.  He took 2 months to potty train, and since then, he’s been a quickly growing angelic little (now big) fluffball.  We can’t walk a block before we get stopped by 10 different people asking what type of dog he is, if he likes other dogs, if he likes kids, if he eats food, if he drinks water (I am not kidding.  When you get a dog like Teddy, your life WILL change….it gets MORE awesome, and you definitely get a lot of attention–and a LOT of questions).  Tedders turned 1 year old on Sunday, and we celebrated by taking him to get some Froyo. Below are some cute pictures for ya’ll to enjoy!



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