5 Must Have Things in My Purse for Spring

I am the queen of overpacking, overbringing, heck, overthinking.  But there’s one area in my life where I really really have tried to declutter- and that area lives within my purse!  I try so hard to carry the least amount with me at all times, because who likes a heavy purse?!  I can tell you this, though, that although I choose wisely what gets a spot inside my beloved purse of the day, you bet that it’s a key player that keeps me looking good and feeling comfortable.

  1. Bare Minerals Matte Lipgloss – This, my friends, is the least drying matte I’ve found, in a really pretty rose/pink color, that is perfect for the spring! It stays on SO long, through dinners, drinks, etc. I never leave the house without this if I’m going to be gone for more than 3-4 hours, because the color looks even better when you re-apply after a while!
  2. Youngliving Thieves Essential Oil – My husband calls me a germ-a-phob, and I like to just call myself smart and prepared. I love Youngliving Essential Oils (feel free to reach out if you have any questions), and Thieves is the ultimate secret weapon.  I carry a roller ball of this with me everywhere. If I’m around anyone who’s got the sniffles, I’ll just put some of this on my wrists, and it’s like a natural antibiotic- and it smells amazing too.
  3. IT Cosmetics SuperHere Mascara – Best. Mascara. Ever. You’ll be sold. Get the small kind (linked) for your purse. If I’m out of the house for a while and I am looking rough, a fresh coat of mascara and some lip color always makes me look so much better.
  4. Tory Burch Leather Card Case – I don’t do wallets. Too big, they don’t fit in my clutches, I hate transferring my cards, ID, etc. Get this card case. Attach your keys to it. Trust me. It’ll make you feel 10x lighter and 10x more liberated.
  5. Alien Travel Perfume – This smell is miraculous and lasts FOREVER. If your scent is smelling stale, step away from everyone (because trust me, it’s very potent!) and give yourself one spray of this, and you will smell fresh and like new for at least 2 hours. You’re welcome.

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to hear what must haves you love to put in your purses this spring!

Dine Out Downtown Delray Restaurant Week 2018

Ever since I moved to Delray Beach three years ago, the events that the city puts on, and the restaurants that are contained in our little town, have been two of my favorite things about life here.  I think the first place I had lunch in Delray Beach was Mellow Mushroom, the first place I had dinner was at The Office, and the first place that I had a little too much wine but way too much fun was Park Tavern 🙂  Since then, I have tried much of what Delray Beach has to offer, but I have yet to participate in Dine Out Downtown Delray Restaurant Week, which is August 1 through August 7th this year! Alas, my time has come!

This year there are over 30 restaurants participating in Restaurant Week, and some of my favorites include: Dada, The Popcorn House (fun fact, we got our wedding guest gifts from them at our wedding…they did a phenomenal job, let me know if you have questions about that!), J&J Seafood, Death or Glory, Deck 84, and Brule.  A new one that I just became obsessed with this year is Craft Food Tours, which gives you an amazing tour of all of Delray Beach’s best hidden gems and special dishes from famous restaurants- this is a ‘must do’ even if you’ve lived in South Florida your whole life!

You can find the list of restaurants here, and all of them are offering either Dine-Out Deals that are $10 per person (check out Purgreens‘ Dine Out Menu….mmmmmm!), multi-course prix fixe lunches for $20 and under, and/or  multi-course prix fixe dinners for under $40 per person.  For those of you that know how good these places are, this is a DEAL.

It’s so easy to take advantage of it all- you can either book your lunch or dinner on Opentable, or go ahead and walk in and mention you are there for Restaurant Week- there’s no tickets needed…my favorite way to do things- quick and easy! 🙂

There’s also a list of Culinary Events at various restaurants, from Cigar tasting to Cocktail making classes here – I am looking forward to the Cocktail classes at one of my favorite restaurants of all time, Death or Glory!

Make the most of this week, it only comes once a year!  Bon Appetit!

True Food Kitchen – Boca Raton

Alas, one of my most favorite restaurants of all time has made its way to me! True Food Kitchen has long been a go-to for me, and it all started when I lived across from it in Newport Beach.  I would frequent there a couple of times a month, and I crave its fresh, unique foods as well as its cocktails that taste like fresh coconuts or mango smoothies. I remember meeting friends at the True Foods in Santa Monica as well.  Then, I moved to Florida, and I had a hard time finding a restaurant that had that upscale, farmhouse feel, coupled with good cocktails (muy importante to me).  Alas, Naples, my home town, got one at Waterside, and I have been jealous every time my parents tell me they went on another date night there.  Until now…

Well, Jennifer (yes, I am talking in the third person), your time is officially here!  True Food Kitchen has officially opened in Boca Raton, conveniently at the mall (which obviously I frequent very often….hehe)!  Although their concept is not new to me, I had the opportunity recently to try some menu items I hadn’t tried in California.  Let’s just say, I give all of the below items a 10/10 :).

The Matchata Horchata is one of the delicious drinks they offer… a fun green tea horchata play off of a latte!

There’s something for everyone- I mean who doesn’t love Huevos Rancheros…

Or Avocado Toast with eggs?  Call me basic, but this will NEVER get old!

My absolute favorite (although it was hard to choose) is the Poke Bowl. Probably going to go back tomorrow to get it again!

Their desserts are to die for- this was their Chia Banana Pudding!

Get yourself to True Food in Boca- or any of their other US locations ASAP!

Thank you for stopping by and reading!  What’s your tastiest healthy recipe?  I would love to know!